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Skin Los Angeles, CA

The skin is the backdrop to every facial feature and an important part of your overall aesthetics. Healthy, beautiful skin is a wonderful asset, but it is does need to be maintained. Everything from the sun and pollution to aging, genetics and bacteria can affect your skin’s health and appearance. At RIVKIN Aesthetics in Los Angeles, we offer advanced cosmetic skin treatments to help our patients maintain gorgeous skin at every age.

Skin changes significantly over time. The plump, soft skin of youth is very resilient, but as you get older, the structure changes. Sun damage and exposure to UV rays account for many of the signs of aging, from lines and wrinkles to sun spots and discolorations. Biological changes also occur, with reduced collagen and elastin production that impact skin elasticity. While there are many factors contributing to the aging of the skin, there are non-surgical cosmetic treatments that can help minimize the damage and keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Non-Surgical Skin Procedures

Cosmetic skin treatments have changed drastically over the last few decades. Aging skin issues that once could only be addressed with plastic surgery can often be successfully treated with non-surgical treatments. At RIVKIN Aesthetics, Dr. Rivkin and our excellent team of cosmetic professionals offer cutting-edge skin treatments that can improve the quality, tone, texture and overall appearance of your skin. Our non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments include:

With the right skin treatment, you can notice a significant improvement in your skin. Whether you want to combat acne or tighten aging skin, there are options for maintaining beautiful skin at every age. Most of our cosmetic skin procedures are non-invasive with little downtime needed after your treatment.

Skin plays a crucial role in your health and appearance. Keep it looking its best with the latest options in cosmetic skin treatments at RIVKIN Aesthetics. To schedule a skin treatment consultation with one of our aesthetic experts, contact our clinic in Los Angeles, CA. We offer the best in med spa procedures for gorgeous skin.