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IPL Photofacial Los Angeles, CA


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a form of photorejuvenation which uses a technology called flashlamp to produce high intensity light over broad spectrum visible and infrared wavelengths. IPL devices contain filters that select the desired range.

For our photofacial patients, IPL is used to treat many skin conditions including rosacea, acne, sun damage, pigmented lesions and other skin discoloration issues. IPL has been a valued tool in aesthetics to even out skin tone for over a decade.

At RIVKIN Aesthetics, we use the Lumenis One device for IPL and Yag laser treatments. Lumenis is one of the most trusted names in laser devices and the Lumenis One is the state of the art in the technology. This device supports personalized settings through the ‘Advanced Mode’, which consists of specific light pulse parameters (number of pulses, pulse deviation, pulse delay) and light energy (fluency). A complete medical history with accurate skin typing of the patient will produce optimal results while avoiding any adverse reactions.


IPL Photofacial utilizes Intense Pulsed Light for a gentle treatment that is safe, painless, and requires no significant recovery time. IPL delivers light through a crystal head into the skin to target the undesirable tissue, and leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed. The device is able to be selective because the light it emits is only absorbed by brown or red colored tissue.

The uncolored tissue next to target lesions remains unaffected. When light is absorbed by tissue, it heats up the cells. The procedure consists of raising the temperature of the targeted area high enough to damage the lesion cells, without damaging the epidermis and surrounding tissue. The process is gradual and, therefore, more gentle than traditional laser therapies.

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Photofacials are most effective to even out skin tone and work on pigmentation (specifically brown and red) in a process called selective photothermolysis. IPL Photofacial treats many skin conditions including:

  • Rosacea
  • Age spots (liver spots)
  • Enlarged pores
  • Visible blood vessels
  • Unwanted freckles
  • Sun damage

IPL treatments usually take 30 minutes and are best spaced 3 weeks apart. For best results, we typically recommend a series of 4-5 sessions and results begin to appear after one or two sessions. The treatment process causes some collagen production, rejuvenating the skin, shrinking pores, and plumping up fine lines and indentations. The result is healthier, younger looking skin.


IPL Photofacial treatment is great for patients with mild to moderate pigmentation issues, such as sun damage, freckles, liver spots, redness or visible blood vessels. Although it does stimulate collagen, it is not the most effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Oftentimes, Dr. Rivkin will create a treatment plan that consists of both Fraxel and IPL for a comprehensive approach that will address skin texture and more severe pigmentation issues. If considering an IPL photofacial, it is important to stay out of the sun before and after treatment. Those who have recently been tanning are not candidates for this treatment. We always recommend using a broad spectrum sun block with an SPF of 30 or more. Patients who are on strong antibiotics, using Retin-A or bleaching cream, have a history of melanoma or have active skin infections are not candidates for IPL.

There is no downtime with IPL photofacial treatments, but you will have some mild redness for a day and brown spots will appear somewhat darker for a few days before flaking off. During your initial consultation, Dr. Rivkin will evaluate your unique needs and explain the procedure in detail. You will have the opportunity to view before and after photos, so that you will know what to expect from the treatment. After your IPL treatment Dr. Rivkin will instruct you on the best techniques to care for your skin to maintain your new healthy look. You can also read frequently asked questions about laser treatment here.