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Upper Cheek/Midface Los Angeles, CA

Upper Cheek/Midface Skin Tightening

The cheeks play a significant role in the youthfulness of the face. As volume is lost in the facial tissue and the skin loses elasticity, the cheeks can sink and droop, creating a much older appearance. One of the best ways to restore fuller and firmer cheeks without surgery is with facial filler injections. At RIVKIN Aesthetics, we offer upper cheek/midface skin tightening treatments with fillers at our clinic in Los Angeles, CA.

There are options for improving skin elasticity in the midface and upper cheeks, but it does not address the loss of volume in the facial tissue. The facial contours can flatten and sink with age and leftover skin can sag and droop. Replacing lost volume under the cheek skin is the best way to restore the facial contours and tighten the skin. With the right fillers in the desired areas, you can tighten and lift droopy cheeks for a more youthful, attractive midface area.

Non-Surgical Cheek Lift

There are many different facial fillers on the market. Some are great for plumping lips or smoothing fine wrinkles, but they cannot add the needed volume for areas like the midface and upper cheek. To restore facial volume and contours in the midface and cheek area, we use denser facial fillers that can offer the firmness needed to lift and tighten the upper cheeks and midface skin. There are also options that increase your own natural collagen to firm the skin and add volume to the cheeks.

Sculptra®, Voluma™ and other dermal filler products can be used for upper cheek/midface skin tightening and lifting. Dr. Rivkin and our team of expert cosmetic injectors can perform a facial exam and consultation to determine which treatment would best achieve the desired result. Most cheek fillers can last for a year or more, restoring youthful contours and tighter skin in the midface area.

Droopy cheeks and a sunken midface can be addressed with facial filler injections. To tighten and lift your midface without surgery, come see us at RIVKIN Aesthetics. Contact our clinic in Los Angeles to schedule your facial filler consultation to discuss the best options for restoring a more youthful midface.