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Weak Jaw Los Angeles, CA

A receded chin or weak jaw line can impact the balance and shape of your face. A weak chin can make the nose or forehead look larger and a weak jaw can impact the masculinity of the face. Any time a facial feature seems too small or too large, it impacts the harmony and symmetry of the face. If your chin or jaw is smaller or less pronounced, there are non-surgical options that can address the lower section of the face. At RIVKIN Aesthetics, we offer non-invasive treatments for a weak jaw or receding chin, and other conditions, at our clinic in Los Angeles.

A weak jaw may be narrow or poorly defined. Genetics are often the reason for the shape of the jaw and chin, but bone loss and other factors can contribute to the facial definition. Enhancing the jaw is possible with plastic surgery and implants, but this is a more invasive procedure than some people would prefer. Weak jaw correction can be performed using dermal fillers that can add volume along the jawline to expand and define the structure. This can create a more defined or masculine jaw, depending on your desired outcome. This procedure is non-surgical and only takes about 15 minutes at our clinic. Results are almost instant and there is no downtime.

Non-Surgical Receding Chin Correction

A small or receding chin impacts the facial shape and other features. Adding volume and projection to a weak chin can have a significant effect on the overall facial appearance. Dermal fillers can also be used for chin enhancements, adding a small amount of volume to fill out the chin. We have fillers that can last for a year, and the procedure can be completed in a short office visit with no downtime or recovery needed.

Both weak jaws and chins can be enhanced with facial filler injections, but it is important to have realistic expectations. The fillers can add some volume, but for extensive recession, implants may be a better, permanent option. Dr. Rivkin or one of our team members can discuss if a non-surgical enhancement for your chin or jaw will accomplish the look you desire. If plastic surgery would be a better option, we can refer you to one of our colleagues.

To schedule a consultation for a receding chin or weak jaw correction using facial fillers, contact us at RIVKIN Aesthetics in Los Angeles to book your appointment.