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Bunny Lines Los Angeles, CA

When you scrunch your nose, lines can appear across the bridge of the nose and on the nasal sidewalls. Over time, this wrinkling of the nose can leave lines behind that make your nose appear scrunched, even when it is not. Referred to as bunny lines due to the similarity to a rabbit’s nose and whiskers, these lines are undesirable for most people. At RIVKIN Aesthetics, we offer Botox® injections for bunny lines to smooth your nose at our clinic in Los Angeles.

Scrunching the nose occurs when you laugh, smile or grimace. This is a normal reaction, but when the lines stay in place, it can relay a different message. Permanent bunny lines or nasal sidewall wrinkles can give the impression that you are disgusted or angry, especially when you have a resting face. Removing these lines can make your face look more pleasant and youthful, which can be accomplished with Botox injections.

Removing Nasal Sidewall Wrinkles

Botox injections for dynamic lines, like nasal sidewall wrinkles, work by relaxing the targeted muscle. Botox blocks nerve signals that allow the muscle to contract, stopping the lines from forming. With bunny lines, the nasalis muscle is the targeted muscle, which runs from the bridge of the nose down around the sides of the base. The Botox injections relax the nasalis and allow the skin and tissue to become smooth, creating the pleasant appearance desired.

Botox injections for bunny lines can be performed in a quick visit to our clinic in Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. Our expert injectors, including Dr. Rivkin, can perform this procedure in about 15 minutes. The effects of Botox can require a few days to appear, and the results can last 3-4 months. The most common side effects are slight swelling or bruising at the injection site, but these dissipate quickly.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of permanent nasal sidewall scrunch lines, contact our team at RIVKIN Aesthetics. We offer Botox for bunny lines and many other cosmetic treatments to help you look your best at any age. Contact our office in Los Angeles to schedule your Botox consultation or treatment.