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Fillers We Use Los Angeles, CA

In the last few decades, dermal injections have changed the landscape of cosmetic facial treatments. What once could only be achieved with plastic surgery and significant recovery time can now be accomplished in 15 minutes with facial fillers. At RIVKIN Aesthetics, Dr. Alexander Rivkin and our cosmetic experts offer the best options in facial fillers and dermal injections at our clinic in Los Angeles.

One of the most common reasons patients come to our clinic are for injectable fillers that help combat lost volume in the skin and tissue. Lost volume can cause lines and wrinkles, as well as change the shape of the face. While facial filler injections can help with aging, they can also be used to enhance facial features. We use dermal injections to provide a wide variety of cosmetic treatments with beautiful, natural-appearing results.

Dr. Rivkin specializes in non-invasive, painless techniques using facial fillers. His expertise in the various dermal filler brands ensures that the right filler is used to achieve the best results. Each type of filler has benefits when used for specific treatments. Choosing the right filler and using the best technique takes experience and artistry. Our patients come to us for their filler injections because of our reputation for excellent cosmetic results.

Cosmetic Injectable Options

There are many quality facial fillers and dermal injectables available. At RIVKIN Aesthetics, we utilize the best fillers for optimal results for facial and skin enhancements. Dr. Rivkin and our team can discuss which filler is the right option to create the look you desire. Some of the injectables we offer include:

Cosmetic injections can last for several months or many years, depending on the type of injectable used. There are few side effects, usually limited swelling or bruising from the injection, which is possible with facial filler treatments. No downtime or recovery is required, and most injection procedures can be completed in less than a half hour.

Facial fillers and dermal injections offer a non-surgical solution for addressing lines, wrinkles, lost facial volume and other facial flaws. To schedule a cosmetic injection treatment or consultation at RIVKIN Aesthetics, contact our clinic in Los Angeles to book your appointment.