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Corner Mouth Lip Lift Los Angeles, CA

Do you have a permanent frown? If the corners of your mouth turn downward when your face is relaxed, you may look angry or upset when you are perfectly happy. There are muscles that pull the corners of the mouth into a smile and others that pull the lips down into a frown. The downward muscles have gravity on their side and can outperform the upward mouth muscles. If you have a perma-frown, RIVKIN Aesthetics offers Botox® injections as a corner mouth lip lift treatment at our clinic in Los Angeles.

The depressor muscles that pull down the corners of the mouth can outperform the elevator muscles. The result is a mouth that looks sad, angry or tired, and the lines at the corner of the mouth age the entire face. People with downward turned mouths are often asked, “What’s wrong?” even when they are content. Relaxing the depressor muscles can allow other muscles to pull the corners of the mouth back into a pleasant position. This can also smooth downward lines that create that permanent frown.

Lift the Corners of the Mouth

Botox injections targeting the depressor muscles around the corners of the mouth can remove the permanent frown. This is a tricky procedure to ensure both sides of the mouth are evenly treated to create a symmetrical appearance. Correct placement is vital to relax the depressor muscles in the right spot to allow elevation of the corners of the mouth without creating an asymmetrical lip appearance. Dr. Rivkin and our team are cosmetic injection experts that know the exact part of the muscle to target to achieve the desired results.

The Botox corner mouth lip lift treatment can dramatically improve your resting face appearance. The downward lines at the corners of the mouth can be smoothed, and the mouth position is left in a pleasant position. The treatment only requires a short visit to our office on Wilshire Boulevard, and there is no downtime needed after your procedure.

Eliminate your perma-frown, and lift the corners of your mouth with Botox injections. Contact us at RIVKIN Aesthetics to schedule your Botox treatment at our clinic near Santa Monica.