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Nose Los Angeles, CA

The nose is a defining facial feature due to its central position. A misshapen nose is distracting and takes attention away from the other key features of the face. Reshaping the nose can have a dramatic impact on the facial balance, but many people do not want to undergo plastic surgery. At RIVKIN Aesthetics, our aesthetic expert, Dr. Alexander Rivkin, offers non-surgical nose reshaping at our center in Los Angeles, CA.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures due to its impact on achieving facial balance and harmony. Dr. Rivkin has perfected a non-surgical approach to reshape the nose without requiring plastic surgery. Using dermal fillers and injectables, Dr. Rivkin and our team at RIVKIN Aesthetics can perform non-surgical rhinoplasty without the downtime, risk or expense of plastic surgery. The procedure can be completed during a quick office visit, and most non-surgical nose reshaping treatments take about 15 minutes with no recovery needed.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Options

Do you want to “try on” a new nose? With non-surgical rhinoplasty or nose reshaping, you can see how a new nose shape can change your facial balance. In a quick procedure, your new nose shape can appear with no risk or downtime. Dr. Rivkin and our team at RIVKIN Aesthetics offers both temporary and permanent options in non-surgical nose jobs. Most people start with a temporary procedure, and if they want to keep the results, we can provide a permanent nose reshaping. To learn more about our non-surgical nose job options, visit the following pages on our website:

The non-surgical nose job can change many common nose shape issues. Drooping tips, humps, bumps and asymmetrical issues can be resolved, as well as crooked or flat noses. The artistry used can even make a nose appear smaller by changing the shape, not the size.

If you are interested in changing your nose shape without surgery, come see us at RIVKIN Aesthetics. Dr. Rivkin is one of the top aesthetic experts in non-surgical nose reshaping, offering both temporary and permanent nose jobs. Contact our center in Los Angeles to schedule your appointment for a nose reshaping consultation or treatment.