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Lip Enhancement Los Angeles, CA

Lip Filler Treatment

Full, well-shaped lips are an attractive facial feature. Not everyone is blessed with plump lips, as genetics, aging and other factors can impact the shape and volume of your lips. In as little as 15 minutes, you could have the plump, thicker lips you desire. Our expert injectors at RIVKIN Aesthetics offers lip filler treatment to enhance the fullness and shape of your lips at our clinic in Los Angeles.

The shape and volume of your lips are first impacted by your genetics – your ethnicity and family traits determine the appearance of your lips. If your natural lips are not as sumptuous as you desire, lip fillers can give you what your genes did not. Lip enhancement with dermal fillers can plump the lips and improve the definition of the shape without surgery or downtime.

Dr. Rivkin and our team at RIVKIN Aesthetics use top fillers to create natural-appearing lip enhancements. The best fillers for lips are designed to be soft and flexible to allow for natural movement. Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most popular, formulated with smaller particles for a soft texture that mimics natural fatty tissue in the lips.

Anti-Aging Treatment for Thin Lips

Cosmetic lip enhancement is a popular procedure for individuals with aging lips. As you get older, you lose volume in the facial skin and tissues, including the lips. Many women, and men, notice their lips become thinner as they get older. Lip lines and wrinkles can appear as volume in the lips diminishes. Lip fillers can restore volume and filler injections can also smooth fine lines on and around the lips.

Lip filler treatment can be performed in a quick cosmetic appointment with immediate results. There is no need for downtime. The most common side effects are slight swelling or redness from the injections that will dissipate over the following hours.

If you are interested in fuller, sexy lips or you want to restore a more youthful lip appearance, lip filler treatment may be right for you. To schedule a lip consultation at RIVKIN Aesthetics, contact our office in Los Angeles to book your appointment.