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Under Eye Filler Los Angeles, CA

The area under the eyes can tell a story. If you have dark circles or bags under the eyes, you can look tired, sad and older. The thin skin under the eyes lets the world know if you had a late night or when you are beginning to lose volume in your face due to aging. If deeper tear troughs, wrinkles or eye bags are making you appear old and tired, there are solutions. We offer under-eye filler injections to rejuvenate your appearance at RIVKIN Aesthetics in Los Angeles.

The changes in the skin and facial tissue below the eyes can make a significant impact on your appearance. The tear troughs deepen as volume is lost in the tissues below the eyes, which can create dark circles or shadows. The skin below the eyes is already thin and as it loses collagen, it stretches and sags, creating wrinkles and bags under the eyes. These changes under the eyes quickly age the face and result in a tired, unhealthy appearance.

Eliminate Dark Circles and Eye Wrinkles

Rejuvenating the under eye area with facial fillers can have a dramatic impact on your appearance. Fillers placed in the tear troughs can reduce dark circles and restore smoother skin under the eyes. Adding volume under the skin smooths away wrinkles and can minimize the appearance of bags under the eyes. With the right filler injections, the eyes can look years younger, and the face more energetic as dark circles and wrinkles disappear.

The right facial filler and technique can revive the under eye area and rejuvenate the face. Our expert filler injectors at RIVKIN Aesthetics have all been personally trained by Dr. Rivkin, and you can expect exceptional results from our under-eye filler treatments. If you want to diminish dark circles, wrinkles or eye bags, dermal injections can offer a non-surgical solution with no recovery or downtime required.

The eyes can say a lot about you – make sure they are telling the right story. For more youthful, energetic eyes, come see us at RIVKIN Aesthetics. We offer advanced options in under-eye filler injections in Los Angeles. Contact our office today to schedule your dermal filler injection consultation.