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Non-Surgical Cheek Enhancement Los Angeles, CA


Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation is Dr. Rivkin’s signature injectable filler treatment for the cheek volume loss that is so common with aging. Over the last 15 years, Dr. Rivkin has refined and perfected the technique to optimize precision, making sure that results are always transformative and completely natural. He has taught his technique to the providers at RIVKIN Aesthetics so that all of our patients will get the same incredible results, no matter who they see.


Non surgical Cheek Augmentation is a great way to attain fuller, more youthful-looking cheeks without the pain of surgical recovery. The treatment itself can usually be accomplished in under an hour.


By drawing on a wide variety of dermal fillers, Dr. Rivkin is able to give patients fuller, more youthful looking cheeks. Patients leave feeling rejuvenated and renewed after Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation.

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“As usual, Dr. Rivkin is the best! My eyes look great and cheeks are lifted nicely, no bruising and the swelling went down right away, thanks for the Arnica. So happy. Coming in next month for my next treatment.”

– Sondra M


One of the first signs of aging in the face is a loss of volume at the front or “apple” of the cheek and the cheekbones. Depending on genetics, this volume loss can start to become noticeable in a patient’s late 20s, but is usually not significant until the mid 30s. Lack of volume in the cheeks makes one look older and more tired. The cheeks provide major support to the tissues of the face. When their structure weakens due to volume loss, the facial tissues start to sag and descend. Because people tend to evaluate others by looking into their eyes, the areas of the face just underneath the eyes communicate a lot to the observer. Shadows falling into hollows caused by volume loss symbolize fatigue and age. A flat cheek also takes the focal point of the face away from the eyes and down to the mouth. This produces the appearance of a droopy face. Since signs of aging are more prevalent around the mouth, we want the face to be well balanced, with the focal point at the eyes.


Replacing the volume of the cheeks has the effect of “lifting” the face. Traditionally, surgeons insert a silicone solid implant through an incision made inside the mouth, into the cheek. This procedure can work well, but is somewhat invasive and carries several days of downtime and discomfort. Surgical cheek implants are also not very precise, since there is a limit to how much the surgeon can make a silicone block fit to the contours of your face. Solid implants also run the risk of getting infected, in which case they have to be removed and the resulting cosmetic defect can be cosmetically very undesireable. Alternatively, fat can be harvested from another part of the body and placed in the cheek as an injected fat graft. This is also a technique that can yield great results if done by the right doctor for the right patient. The problem with fat injections is that they are still an unreliable augmentation method. The duration of effect of the fat graft depends on the patient, on the skill of the doctor and on the area injected. The other issue is that it is, like silicone implants, an invasive and expensive procedure.


Dr. Rivkin’s cheek enhancements are non-surgical, non-invasive, and safe. Rather than using an implant or fat from some other part of your body, Dr. Rivkin uses injectable fillers at his clinic – either Voluma, Lyft or Radiesse or, for select patients who request a permanent effect, Bellafill.

Voluma is a long lasting hyaluronic acid based filler that provides excellent lift and a natural, smooth contour. The effects of Voluma last for up to one and a half years and, like all hyaluronic acid fillers, it is reversible or adjustable at any time. The area injected feels soft and supple, never lumpy, and when the filler is dissolved by the body it goes away gradually and symmetrically. Bruising is possible after any injection, but Dr. Rivkin and his staff have worked hard to refine their techniques so that the frequency of bruising with Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation is at an absolute minimum.

Radiesse is a firm, calcium based, long lasting (9 to 12 months) injectable filler. We use Radiesse for patients with deeper cheek hollows because it lifts skin better than any other filler. It is injected in a very precise manner into the deepest tissues of the cheek. This may sound painful, but Dr. Rivkin uses a very small needle and numbs the cheek with a powerful topical cream before he injects, so you do not feel a thing. The Radiesse becomes part of your skin as your own cells grow around the injection “scaffolding” and does not move from the area injected. Radiesse is also known to cause your body to increase production its own collagen in the areas of injection, increasing the duration of effect.

Lyft is another hyaluronic acid based filler that works well to enhance the cheeks. Lyft projects tissue smoothly and lasts for about 10 to 12 months. Like Voluma, it is reversible at any time with a simple enzyme injection.

Bellafill can be injected into the same place, but achieves it’s effect primarily through the stimulation of the patient’s own collagen in the precise area injected. The main component of Bellafill is tiny beads of methyl methacrylate, which is a safe surgical plastic in use for over 50 years. Bellafill is a great option for patients who need a small to moderate amount of augmentation and were satisfied with the effect of the temporary procedure.

Getting a Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation is much safer and less costly ($1,000 to $2,000) than traditional cheek implants. There is no significant recovery time with non-surgical cheek enhancement; most patients can return to work immediately.

There is a small risk of bruising at the area of injection (bruises are usually small and coverable with make-up), there is some mild swelling and most patients feel a bit sore after a Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation procedure. The soreness is gone within a few hours, swelling resolves within a day or so and bruising is gone in a matter of days.

During your initial consultation for your cheek augmentation, Dr. Rivkin will evaluate your unique needs and desired end results, and explain the procedure in detail. You will have the opportunity to view before and after photos, so that you will know exactly what to expect from the treatment.

Dr. Rivkin’s patients know that they can get in touch with him at any time. He is always available for advice, questions and reassurance.

To learn more about Non-Surgical Cheek Implants, or to schedule an initial consultation, contact us online or by phone today.