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Nasolabial Folds Los Angeles, CA

The parenthesis lines around the nose and mouth are created by the nasolabial fold. Also called “smile lines,” the nasolabial folds are a common sign of aging as the face loses volume and the skin is less elastic. Smile lines can make your face look older, etching indents in your face even when its relaxed. RIVKIN Aesthetics in Los Angeles offers nasolabial folds treatment with facial fillers to restore a more youthful lower face.

Your smile should leave an impression on others, but it may also leave an impression on your skin. Years of happy moments can etch creases in your skin as it loses elasticity. Loss of volume in the facial tissue in the lower face can create looser skin around the nose and mouth near the nasolabial fold. The skin also loses collagen and elastin as you get older, allowing creases to appear. Smile lines can appear as early as the 20s for some people and become more pronounced with age.

Smile Line Filler Injections

The nasolabial folds are deeper in the skin and tissue than other lines or wrinkles. There are mild, moderate and severe smile lines, and each require a different type of dermal filler. Mild to moderate nasolabial folds need more flexibility to allow natural movement around the mouth but enough volume to reduce the lines. Severe smile lines need a denser filler to add volume deeper in the tissue. Our experts at RIVKIN Aesthetics can determine the best dermal filler for your nasolabial folds to soften the face for a more youthful appearance.

Smile line filler injections can improve the appearance of the nasolabial folds in a quick treatment at our center near Santa Monica. Most filler injections can last several months to over a year, depending on the type used. There is no need for downtime after your procedure. The most common effects from nasolabial folds treatment are some swelling or redness at the injection area.

If the parenthesis lines around your mouth are aging your face, come see us at RIVKIN Aesthetics. We offer nasolabial folds treatment to smooth away your smile lines – contact our office today to book your appointment at our LA clinic.