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Tip of Nose Lift Los Angeles, CA

Botox Tip of Nose Lift

A droopy nasal tip can affect the appearance of the nose and overall facial balance. It does not always require plastic surgery to reshape the nose. There are non-surgical nose reshaping techniques that we offer at RIVKIN Aesthetics. If you have a droopy nasal tip, Dr. Rivkin and our team of aesthetic experts offer a Botox® injections for tip-of-nose lift for nose reshaping at our clinic in Los Angeles, CA.

When the nasal tip dips downward, it changes the nose appearance. The effect can be distracting, drawing attention away from other facial features like the eyes and mouth. A droopy nose tip can be caused by a tight depressor septi nasi muscle, the muscle at the base of the nose that is connected to the front of the nose. Relaxing this muscle can allow the nasal tip to lift slightly, improving the balance of the nose tip and bridge for a more attractive appearance.

Non-Surgical Nasal Tip Lift

Botox injections can be used to reshape a droopy nasal tip. Botox blocks nerve signals that tell a muscle to contract. When Botox injections are targeted to the depressor septi nasi muscle at the base of the nose, it can relax this muscle and allow the nasal tip to rise slightly. The end of the nose can be perkier and create an even, balanced appearance to the nose tip and bridge.

Botox tip-of-nose lift treatment can be performed in a quick office visit at our LA clinic near Santa Monica. Dr. Rivkin and our expert cosmetic injectors can perform the Botox treatment in about 15 minutes at our office. The relaxing effect takes a few days to occur, and the results can last 3-4 months before the treatment needs to be repeated to maintain the appearance. Botox injections are safe, and no downtime is needed after your treatment.

If you want to lift the tip of your nose slightly, Botox injections may be the solution. To determine if a non-surgical nose reshaping treatment is right for you, contact us at RIVKIN Aesthetics. We can schedule a nose consultation at our office in Los Angeles to discuss Botox injections for a nose-tip lift.