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Sculptra is a fantastic option to replace lost volume due to aging, illness or weight loss. Rather than temporarily filling the area, Sculptra actually stimulates your body to produce its own collagen. Dr. Rivkin has found that Sculptra produces beautiful, long lasting and natural looking results.


Dr. Rivkin recommends Sculptra for patients seeking long term correction of volume loss. The treatment can be combined with other fillers and procedures, such as Fraxel and Ultherapy. A comprehensive approach will always provide the best possible results with Sculptra, and take years off of an aging face.

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“As usual, Dr. Rivkin is the best! My eyes look great and cheeks are lifted nicely, no bruising and the swelling went down right away, thanks for the Arnica. So happy. Coming in next month for my next treatment.”

– Sondra M


At RIVKIN Aesthetics, Dr. Rivkin believes in a comprehensive approach to cosmetic enhancement. We offer many different options when it comes to injectable fillers. Oftentimes, a combination of several different products and procedures will produce the best results.


Sculptra is a very unique injectable filler, typically used to restore lost volume in large areas. Available through RIVKIN Aesthetics, Sculptra is made from a biocompatible, biodegradable synthetic substance called poly-L-lactic acid, which has been used for decades in the medical field. It does not require allergy testing before use. In fact, this is the same material used in dissolvable stitches.

Rather than actually filling the area, the material in Sculptra stimulates your body to produce its own collagen. Collagen is a key structural component in skin and is necessary to retain a youthful appearance. By stimulating collagen production, Sculptra causes the skin to thicken and soften in the areas injected, giving both increased volume and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. This creates a natural and long lasting cosmetic improvement.

The process is gradual and not a quick fix, but it offers long term correction for areas of volume loss in the face, such as the cheeks and temples. We also use Sculptra to correct shallow to deep facial folds and wrinkles. Many patients report that their skin appears brighter with a youthful glow.

The effect of Sculptra lasts from two to four years, depending on the individual. Immediately after your Sculptra injections the area may look full, but this fullness is mostly due to the water component of Sculptra and will reduce over the next week. During the following four to six weeks, the area injected slowly builds up collagen and gains volume.

After about six weeks you will require a follow-up session to build up further collagen and complete the process. For best results, Dr. Rivkin suggests one to two follow-up sessions, spaced about six weeks apart. With each follow-up session, less Sculptra may be necessary.


Available now, Sculptra is a wonderful alternative to invasive procedures such as fat grafts, which require surgical harvesting of fat from other areas of your body. Dr. Rivkin believes in using the safest, least invasive cosmetic solutions whenever possible. He has found that Sculptra produces pleasing, long-lasting and natural looking results, and works well to add volume to any area of the face. Sculptra is most commonly used for procedures such as cheek augmentation (filling hollow cheeks), filling the temple areas, nasolabial fold correction, and chin augmentation.


During your initial consultation, Dr. Rivkin will evaluate your unique needs, desired end results, and explain the procedure. You will have the opportunity to view before and after photos, so that you will know exactly what to expect from the treatment. As with any injectable filler, you may experience minor bruising, mild swelling, redness and tenderness, all of which should resolve within 2 weeks. We recommend that you do not take any blood thinners for 2 days following treatment. Blood thinners include alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, vitamin E supplements, fish oil supplements, flax seed oil supplements, ginko biloba and St. John’s wort.


Sculptra is a great option for those with mild to severe volume loss, looking for long term correction. It is perfect for patients that have developed a gaunt appearance in their face, due to illness or aging. Because it works by stimulating your own collagen over time, it is not for those who desire a quick fix. Although the material is temporary, it is not dissolvable and the results cannot be reversed. Sculptra has great synergy with some of the laser treatments at RIVKIN Aesthetics, such as CO2, Fraxel or Ultherapy. By adding volume and tightening the skin, it is possible to take years off of an aging face. Sculptra also works nicely with other fillers, such as Restylane or Voluma.

During your consultation, Dr. Rivkin and his team will create a customized treatment plan based on your specific goals, lifestyle and budget. We have found that this personalized, comprehensive approach allows our patients to achieve the best possible results that are both long lasting and affordable. Dr. Rivkin’s patients know that they can get in touch with him at any time. He is always in the office at RIVKIN Aesthetics, and is personally involved in every treatment. To learn more about Sculptra or to schedule a consultation, contact us online or by phone today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.