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Facial Treatments Los Angeles, CA

Are you looking to reveal radiant and youthful skin with a non-invasive procedure? With specialized facial treatments, you can remove impurities, improve texture, deeply hydrate and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles in a few simple but incredibly effective steps. Justine, our aesthetician at RIVKIN Aesthetics, offers multiple facial treatments with a variety of customized options for smooth, clear and glowing skin in 90 minutes or less.

RIVKIN Aesthetics Spa Treatments

While quality at-home products can offer many benefits and help maintain your results between visits, nothing surpasses the results of the professional facials provided by a qualified aesthetician. In the Santa Monica area, RIVKIN Aesthetics provides a thorough examination of your skin’s needs, ensuring you receive a facial treatment that addresses your concerns and restores the youthful look you are seeking. The spa facials we offer include:

  • Customized facials with skincare analysis, exfoliation, extractions, face/shoulder massage and mask
  • Collagentex is a powerful new skin rejuvenation solution that can help lighten age spots, minimize the appearance of scars, improve acne and more.
  • Hydrafacials with exfoliation, light chemical peel, extractions, antioxidants, shoulder massage and mask
  • Diamond Glow Facials with Diamond Tip Exfoliation, extraction, serum infusion and shoulder massage
  • Derma plane Pro with exfoliation, dermaplaning, enzyme application, extractions, shoulder massage and mask
  • iS Clinic Fire & Ice Facial with intense resurfacing masque (Fire), extractions, Rejuvenating Masque (Ice) and face/shoulder massage

All treatments include cleansing and skincare suitable for your skin type and concerns. Derma plane treatments can be added to other services, and additional add-on services include:

  • Lip exfoliation and elixir for younger-looking lips
  • Hydrafacial Booster Serum for deep moisture
  • Hydrafacial Lip or Eye Treatment Serum

Get Younger-Looking Skin in Los Angeles

Off-the-shelf products rarely live up to their promises, and you can quickly waste hundreds of dollars or more on products and treatments that do not live up to their claims. At best, their low potency means it can take months to see results. But, because they are not tailored to your skin’s needs, they could end up doing more harm than good, leaving your skin in worse shape than it was before.

Instead of cycling through endless products, visit RIVKIN Aesthetics for a personalized skincare analysis. Your facial treatment will provide instant results, and you can explore the best way to maintain your results between visits. Contact the office today to book your appointment for younger, healthier and vibrant skin.