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Forehead/Worry Lines Los Angeles, CA

When you feel worried, you may lower your eyebrows, creating lines across your forehead. Over the years, these dynamic lines can become etched on your forehead, making you look worried or angry all the time. If you have worry lines that span horizontally across your forehead, Botox® injections may be the solution. At RIVKIN Aesthetics, we offer Botox for worry lines at our medical center on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA.

As you get older, the skin’s elasticity changes. The normal facial expressions you make when surprised, happy, worried or angry involve muscles moving the skin on the forehead. When you are younger, the skin easily returns to a smooth appearance; but as elasticity wanes, lines can form along the dynamic creases when the muscles move. For some people, this results in horizontal or worry lines across the forehead. To erase these lines, relaxing the muscles in the forehead with Botox is the least invasive method for treatment.

Eliminate Forehead Lines

Botox injections are phenomenal for eliminating frown and worry lines on the brow and forehead. This was one of the first places that Botox injections were used for cosmetic purposes. Targeting the muscles that cause the worry lines across the forehead with Botox can block the nerve signals that result in these lines. Dr. Rivkin and our expert injectors know the exact dose and position to use to eliminate the forehead lines while still allowing for natural movement of the brows and forehead. This is important to avoid the “frozen” appearance that can occur with less experienced injectors.

Botox injections for worry lines can be performed in a quick session at our LA clinic. Most patients can be in and out for Botox treatment in about 15 minutes. There is no recovery or downtime needed after your worry line treatment, and the effects can appear in the next few days after the injections.

Stop looking older and worried due to horizontal forehead lines. Come see us at RIVKIN Aesthetics for Botox to help worry lines at our clinic near Santa Monica.