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Self-Harm Scar Revision Los Angeles, CA

Our society often thinks of scars in a negative way, as disfiguring or unsightly, and people who have scars are self conscious of their appearance. They expend considerable effort to hide or reduce the appearance of their scars. For people who have scars due to a history of self harm, the stigma is much worse. Not only are they self conscious about the cosmetic appearance of their scars, they are concerned that their scars will reveal to the world their history of depression or anxiety. As long as our society imposes a stigma on mental illness, people with self harm scars feel like their scars hold them back from professional and personal success. The scars are also a daily reminder of what was most likely a very difficult period of their lives. Reducing the appearance of these scars goes a long way in helping the recovery process for these individuals.

As a community service, we would like to offer this procedure at reduced cost or no cost to people suffering from self harm scars who are in financial need. If cost has held you back from treating your scars, please fill out this form and we would be happy to help you regain your confidence.


Hiding the marks is a constant concern for patients with self harm scars, but it is often not practical to wear long sleeves. When the scars are flat, they can be covered up by skillful make up or tattooing. Scars are much more difficult to camouflage when they are raised or indented and many patients cannot go through the trauma and expense of scar revision surgery. These scars are a painful, constant reminder of the past.

Patients with self-harm scars can visit RIVKIN Aesthetics to reduce the appearance of their scars and regain their self-esteem. An important element in recovery from past trauma is to no longer be reminded of it every day due to visible scars.

When our patients visit us, they are pleased to learn that there is a solution to their constant concern about their scars, especially one that is safe, effective, minimally invasive, and long-lasting.


A history of depression and/or anxiety can come at a heavy cost. Because society and even those close to us impose a stigma on these types of mental issues, the challenge of overcoming this past can be overwhelming.

Often, people see their scars are an obstacle to a successful career or a happy relationship with the one they love.

Non-surgical options are our specialty. Dr. Rivkin provides a safe, effective non-surgical scar revision procedure for patients seeking to reduce the appearance of their scars. Dr. Rivkin uses Bellafill, Restylane or Juvederm injections, Excel-V laser therapy and other non-invasive treatments to restore the flawless appearance patients desire.


At RIVKIN Aesthetics, good candidates for non-surgical scar revision include patients who:

  • Want to restore confidence in their appearance
  • Have self-harm scars in prominent areas that are difficult to camouflage or cover up
  • Have mature scars that are more than 6 months of age


During the initial consultation, Dr. Rivkin will tell you what to expect from the procedure. You will also see before-and-after photos of other patients to help you understand the expected results better.

Our non-surgical scar revision procedure is performed in the clinic and takes 15 minutes or less. For patients with depressed scars, we can use a variety of fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, or the permanent filler Bellafill. After a couple of sessions, the results should last for many years.

For patients with raised scars, we use specially designed steroid injections to gradually flatten the contour of these scars. We see the results over several sessions and several months and, once treated optimally, the scars should stay flat.

If the scars are discolored there are lasers such as Excel V, and other procedures that can be done to decrease the pigmentation. Like any of the procedures we perform at RIVKIN Aesthetics, our goal is an impeccable cosmetic result without anyone knowing that anything was done.


Many patients with scars from past self-harm simply want to erase the constant reminders of this period. Non-surgical scar revision is ideal because it can be an important step forward in their recovery without the added trauma of surgery. Many patients feel improved self-confidence almost immediately and because fillers such as Bellafill stimulate collagen growth in the area where it is injected, the skin becomes smoother and thicker as the weeks pass after the procedure.

Learn More about Scar Revision

To learn more about self-harm scar revision, schedule an appointment for a consultation. Our friendly staff will answer any questions you have. If cost is an issue for you, don’t forget to fill out our financial need form to see if you qualify for free treatment.