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Training Los Angeles, CA

Personal Trainings / Shadowing Opportunities:

Dr. Rivkin offers 1-day and 2-day, one-on-one or small group trainings. For injectors with an out of state license, the shadowing preceptorship allows the trainee to observe Dr. Rivkin’s techniques up close and learn his rationale. Trainees hone not just their injection skills, but their aesthetic judgement and understanding of proportions as Dr. Rivkin explains his decisions and choices.

Injectors with a California license have the opportunity to shadow Dr. Rivkin and perform injections under his supervision.

Training can include the non-surgical rhinoplasty, general facial sculpting (cheeks, eyes, jawline, chin, etc) or both.

In addition to Dr. Rivkin’s expertise and guidance, the trainee receives extensive instructions on safety protocols and adverse event preparedness (including skills, materials, and adverse event decision flow charts).

The trainee receives a certificate upon completion of the training. After the training, Dr. Rivkin is available to all trainees for advice in case of urgent situations.

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