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Face Los Angeles, CA

The options for cosmetic enhancement have changed drastically over the last few decades. The emergence of safe facial fillers and other cosmetic injectables and treatments have reduced the need for surgical procedures. Dr. Alexander Rivkin and our exceptional team of cosmetic experts at RIVKIN Aesthetics offers a wide assortment of non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures at our facility in Los Angeles, CA.

Plastic surgery was once the only way to dramatically change the appearance of the face. Lost volume under the skin and reduced skin elasticity could only be changed by removing and tightening skin. Changing the shape of facial features required implants inserted under the facial tissue. With innovations in cosmetic injectables and other non-surgical treatments, many of the same changes to the face can be accomplished without plastic surgery.

Non-Surgical Face Treatments

If you want to reshape your face or look years younger without plastic surgery, come see our team at RIVKIN Aesthetics. Headed by aesthetic expert, Dr. Alexander Rivkin, we offer the latest innovations in non-surgical face treatments that require little to no downtime without the risk of plastic surgery. Cosmetic procedures can be completed at our clinic near Santa Monica in Los Angeles and offer a discreet option for rejuvenating or reshaping your facial features. Some of the cosmetic and facial treatments we offer include:

Most of our facial cosmetic procedures can be performed in a quick office visit. Many injectable treatments take only about 15 minutes with no downtime or recovery after the procedure. Incredible transformations can be accomplished without the risk of anesthesia, infection or other complications associated with cosmetic surgery.

If you want to explore the possible options using non-surgical face treatments, come see us at RIVKIN Aesthetics. Contact our cosmetic center in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rivkin or one of our aesthetic experts.