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Collagentex To Increase Collagen Production Los Angeles, CA

Collagentex is a powerful new skin rejuvenation and facial treatment solution that can help lighten age spots, minimize the appearance of scars, improve acne and more. It is non-invasive, comfortable and works with your body’s natural functions. It is an effective therapy when used alone or can be combined with other treatments to enhance their effects. Whether you are dissatisfied with your skin’s tone, texture or firmness, Collagentex may be the perfect solution.

Lighten Age Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Age spots are nothing to be concerned about medically, and thankfully, there are treatments available to reduce their appearance. Inflammation or injury may cause the skin to darken as well. For example, patients who have struggled with severe acne may experience scars and areas of hyperpigmentation.

Collagen is a highly effective treatment for hyperpigmentation of the skin. As your skin speeds up collagen production, and thereby new skin cells, the darkened skin will begin to fade. There are several ways to increase collagen, but we’ve found Collagentex to be a beneficial, non-invasive treatment.

What Is Collagentex?

Your skin naturally responds to light, using sunlight to fuel skin cell production and other processes. Laser and infrared therapy focus specific wavelengths of light into much more concentrated areas. In specific applications, low-level laser therapy (LLLT) can stimulate collagen production, providing patients with many skin-enhancing benefits.

Collagentex takes LLLT a step further with a range of light therapies to specifically target the soft tissues of the skin, promoting a natural healing process. Unlike other infrared skin therapies that focus on thermal far-infrared light, Collagentex utilizes near-infrared light, which produces no heat. Phototherapy light is designed to mimic the wavelengths of those most effective in healing the skin.

The creation of nitric oxide and ATP are encouraged naturally, and the body’s lymphatic system is stimulated to reduce inflammation. Cell proliferation, or an increase in the overall number of cells present in the skin, combats the natural loss of skin cells over time, which is quite common as we age. While you will experience a boost in collagen production, Collagentex does much more beneath the surface to provide impressive results.

Improve Your Skin With Collagentex

The effects of Collagentex on age spots and hyperpigmentation are remarkable. However, this skin rejuvenation technology can be used to treat a variety of other skin conditions. Your cosmetic care team may recommend this procedure to treat something other than those conditions listed here.

Reduce Inflammation
Skin inflammation can be caused by sun exposure or an improper diet, an autoimmune disease or other health condition. Light therapy may help reduce inflammation in the skin and throughout the body by encouraging mitochondrial activity in skin tissues and promoting a healthy lymphatic system.

Minimize the Appearance of Scars
As new skin cells are produced faster, scarred and damaged cells are shed just as quickly. Because collagen promotes hydration, scars can slowly fade with time as each new layer is created. It is essential to take care of your skin to maintain its new vibrance.

Enhance PRP Treatment Effectiveness
PRP treatments, or platelet-rich plasma therapy, include introducing collagen collected from your blood directly into your skin through microneedling. Collagentex can help to stimulate natural collagen production while your body accepts transplanted collagen for dramatic results.

Kill Acne-Causing Bacteria
Collagentex can safely treat bacteria residing in the skin’s pores, controlling breakouts for those suffering from severe acne. At the same time, it can also stimulate new skin growth to heal existing breakouts and help fade scarring.

Collagentex is a versatile tool that can be used alone or alongside other treatments. Whether you are concerned about the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, scars or acne, RIVKIN Aesthetics can create a personalized skin rejuvenation plan that meets your needs and expectations. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.