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Lower Cheek/Jaw Line Los Angeles, CA

Lower Cheek Filler Treatment

An attractive face is balanced in shape and volume. Genetics, aging and changes in the composition of the face can affect the balance and shape of the face. If your lower face looks gaunt or has deep lines from lost facial volume, or you want a more defined jawline, dermal filler injections may be the solution. Our team at RIVKIN Aesthetics offers lower cheek filler treatment to achieve an attractive, youthful appearance at our clinic in Los Angeles.

Facial volume loss is common as you age. In the lower face, this can result in a narrow face and deep lines around the nasolabial fold and on the chin. Facial fillers can soften the face and lines around the mouth and nose. With the right fillers, the facial balance can be restored. Our injectors at RIVKIN Aesthetics can determine the right lower cheek filler treatment to create the desired effect, whether you want to rejuvenate an aging face or change your facial shape.

Filler Injections for the Jaw Line

The jaw line is the defining feature of the lower face. A chin or jaw line that recedes or lacks definition can impact the facial shape and overall harmony of the facial features. A narrow jaw can appear less masculine; a receding jaw/chin can take away from a feminine or heart-shaped face. Filler injections can be used for non-surgical jaw or chin enhancements. Using fillers can add definition and volume to the jaw line without implants or surgery, creating the face shape you desire.

Lower cheek or jaw line filler treatments can instantly reshape your face. The injections can be completed in a short visit to our clinic on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, with no downtime or recovery required. Most filler injection results last at least one year, but some fillers like Bellafill® can last for years.

If your lower cheeks, jaw line or chin could use enhancement, RIVKIN Aesthetics is your source for cosmetic treatments. Contact us to schedule a jaw line or lower cheek filler treatment consultation at our facility near Santa Monica in LA.