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Treated Conditions Los Angeles, CA


Whatever your concern, we have the solution. With our highly trained practitioners, dedicated staff and Dr. Rivkin leading the team at RIVKIN Aesthetics, we can address almost any cosmetic issue that you may have. Dr Rivkin has pioneered many safe, non-invasive alternatives to traditional cosmetic surgery right here in his Los Angeles clinic.

Our patients are always pleasantly surprised with the ease, affordability and outcome of their aesthetic treatments. We aim for nothing less than outstanding, life changing cosmetic enhancements.

Advancements in injectable fillers and laser technology make it possible to turn back the clock, improve skin texture and tone, enhance facial symmetry, remove unwanted hair (using our top-notch Los Angeles laser hair removal) and reduce fat deposits. In addition to our cosmetic procedures, we also treat many severe medical issues such as TMJ, PPP, acne and rosacea, all of which have a profound, life changing effect on our patients. In other words we offer a wide range of cosmetic condition treatment in Los Angeles.

There are so many simple and affordable solutions, making aesthetic treatments available to a much larger demographic.

Furthermore, these new and advanced cosmetic treatments in Los Angeles typically require less downtime, making it possible for our patients to return to work without interruption to their busy lives.

It is quite common for a patient to receive a treatment during lunch hour and return to work in the afternoon. We pride ourselves on the ability to transform lives and appearances with minimal pain or discomfort.


Each year, we provide thousands of patients with alternatives to cosmetic surgery in our Los Angeles location, serving women and men who come from Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and the surrounding neighborhoods. But our patient population is not just local.

RIVKIN Aesthetics is an international center of excellence for non-surgical aesthetics. Dr. Rivkin often sees patients who fly in from other states and countries to take advantage of his knowledge and experience with advanced non-surgical cosmetic solutions.

Contact our office today to schedule a consultation. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions and make you feel completely comfortable.

As a clinical research facility, we are on the forefront of discovering new treatment options and techniques. Some of the ongoing research includes the FDA evaluation of Volbella for lip enhancement; successful completion of this study would introduce a completely new filler to the cosmetic injectables market.

Another study we are doing is an NIH trial with the NYU School of Dentistry evaluating the safety and efficacy of Botox for teeth grinding and clenching.

Dr. Rivkin has been using Botox to treat grinding and clenching for over 7 years with great success. We are looking forward to getting the word out about how life changing this treatment is. People who have been living with daily pain for years feel complete relief overnight!