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Hand Rejuvenation Los Angeles, CA


When we talk about cosmetic rejuvenation, we are generally discussing procedures that make the face look fresher and younger. Using lasers, Botox, and fillers, we have developed effective ways to roll back the clock with minimal downtime and risk. But as we successfully rejuvenate our patient’s faces, we have to pay attention that their hands don’t give them away. Our faces and hands are our primary means of communication. These are the parts of our body that are the most in the public eye and these are the parts of our body that are most commonly judged when people want to estimate our age.

As of June 2015, the FDA has put their stamp on a new treatment that rejuvenates the appearance of the hands safely and naturally. With age we lose volume throughout our body. These changes are particularly visible in the face and hands. In the hands, veins and tendons become more prominent as the fat and skin thin out. It is this volume loss that Radiesse is particularly good at addressing.


Radiesse is a popular calcium hydroxyapatitie filler that Dr. Rivkin and Dr. Cohen have been using for over a decade in the face with fantastic results. Radiesse results look natural and the filler requires no allergy testing since its active ingredient is the same calcium that is in your teeth and bones. The doctors choose Radiesse when they want to maximize volume, lift and collagen stimulation in the area to be injected. The hands are now officially one of those areas. We inject Radiesse into the hands to refill the lost volume of age. It fills around the veins and tendons, making them less visible and smoothing the contours around them. This camouflaging makes the hands look more youthful.

Radiesse lasts for about a year, but the collagen stimulation that occurs as a result of the injection may last considerably longer. What that means for patients is that they may get to enjoy healthier, thicker skin as well as more fullness in their hands well beyond the one year mark. Side effects seen in the study were exactly what we would expect from a thick, robust filler. Bruising, swelling and redness were most common, but were mostly gone within a few days. Lumps were extremely rare and were easily treated when they were encountered. Fine motor function of the hands was unaffected by the injections. Dr. Rivkin and RIVKIN Aesthetics are thrilled to offer Radiesse hand rejuvenation to our patients. No longer will your hands give you away! Contact our office in LA to schedule your consultation.