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Non-Surgical Temple Enhancement Los Angeles, CA

One area that has a dramatic impact on the overall youthfulness of the face is the temples. Often overlooked, the temples play a significant role in the shape of the face. As you age, fat and collagen are lost in the face, especially in the temple region. This loss of volume makes the upper third of the face look narrow, creating an older appearance. At RIVKIN Aesthetics, we offer a non-surgical temple enhancement that can rejuvenate the face at our facility on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The loss of volume in the temples is a subtle change in facial shape. It is hard to pinpoint the difference, but the face begins to look more gaunt, tired and aged as the temples shrink. A youthful face has a wider top portion that tapers down to the chin. When the temples shrink, the face is more oval and less heart-shaped, a telltale sign of aging. By adding volume to the temples, the youthful face shape is restored for a rejuvenated and energetic appearance. With advancements in cosmetic injectables, you can replace facial volume without the need for surgery.

Replace Lost Facial Volume

Temple filler treatment can replace lost facial volume for a more youthful face shape and appearance. The procedure can be completed at our clinic in a quick office visit. Dr. Rivkin and our cosmetic injectable experts use safe and effective filler injections that plump underneath the skin to widen the temples. The eyes look more youthful and the overall face shape changes. The treatment is discreet and requires no downtime after the procedure. You can come in on your lunch break for your treatment, and walk out looking more youthful and refreshed.

Changes to the facial volume around the temples can make your face look old and tired. Rejuvenate your appearance with a non-surgical temple enhancement at RIVKIN Aesthetics. We can perform your temple filler injection treatment in minutes, which can be combined with any of our other facial procedures. Contact our office in Los Angeles, CA, to schedule your cosmetic facial treatment today.