Getting rid of the dark circles under your eyes is key to looking well rested, energized, and beautiful. At Westside Aesthetics we help you do just that.


Dark circles under the eyes can occur for several different reasons. They may happen as a result of a hollowness forming underneath the lower eyelid. This hollow groove (called the naso-jugal groove) forms as a natural result of tissue loss during the process of aging.

We know that as people age, they lose fat, muscle and bone all over the face. Under the eyes is one of the first areas to show these changes. Shadows fall into the groove, causing the appearance of under eye dark circles.

Bags under the eyes are caused by fatty tissue visibly protruding within the lower eyelid. Once again, a shadow falls into the groove underneath the bags and the person looks tired and older.

Another cause of dark circles under the eyes is from genetically inherited dark pigmentation of the under eye skin and blood vessels that can be seen through the skin.

The skin around the eyelids (otherwise known as periorbital skin) is the thinnest skin on the body (only around 0.5 mm thick compared with 2mm in other areas). Blood passes through the veins close to the surface of the skin and results in a bluish tint.

The thinner the skin, the darker the circles appear. Like many other skin conditions, dark circles are usually an inherited trait.



In the past the only remedy for bags under the eyes was an eyelid surgical procedure called blepharoplasty. This procedure involves removing or repositioning excess tissue through an eyelid incision. It carries all of the usual risks of surgery including bruising, swelling, scarring, eye damage, and anesthesia complications.

When performed by an experienced and capable plastic, facial plastic or oculoplastic surgeon, the results of surgical blepharoplasty are usually excellent. However, if results are not satisfactory, the procedure cannot be reversed. The other problem is, as we age, we lose the fat underneath our skin. Too often, ten years or so down the line, traditional blepharoplasty results in a sunken or hollow look, or eyelid skin that is too tight.

Topical creams and similar products are another alternative treatment. They can be of assistance temporarily for the mildest cases, but are unable to solve the problem otherwise. Most women tend to utilize heavy concealers and / or foundation to camouflage the issue.

Renowned aesthetic expert, Dr. Rivkin has created a non-invasive, safe and cost effective method to remedy dark circles and bags under the eyes without surgery. He uses an injectable filler to even out the plane beneath the eye, filling in the depression between the cheek and the eyelid. This eliminates the shadow, which creates the darkness, and improves the appearance of protruding lower lids. The best thing about this procedure? It lasts for years! The tear trough area holds on to filler significantly longer than any other place in the face – up to 6 years!

Dr. Rivkin uses Restylane, Versa or Voluma for this Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty procedure. In addition, he may add Voluma to the cheeks in order to complete the look, creating a youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Dr. Rivkin specializes in these non-surgical alternatives to the most popular surgical cosmetic enhancements. Some of his treatments include a Non-Surgical Nose Job and Non-surgical Facelift.


Results, using Restylane, Versa, or Voluma can last up to six years when injected under the eye area. This reversible, temporary method allows you to make adjustments as your face naturally changes over time so that you will always have a natural and youthful look.

Furthermore, the Restylane, Versa, and Voluma stimulates your body’s natural collagen production in the areas where it is injected. This is one of the reasons why the Non Surgical Blepharoplasty procedure has such a long lasting filling effect on the under eye depressions.

In our experience, patients come back after several years with under eye depressions that are much more shallow than when they started.

There is very little pain associated with this procedure, as all of the fillers we use contain lidocaine in the syringe. We can also apply a topical numbing cream for patients with a lower pain tolerance.

Side effects of Non Surgical Blepharoplasty may include minor bruising, swelling, redness and tenderness, all of which should resolve within a few days to two weeks. Rarely, Dr. Rivkin has seen moderate bruising under the eye, but even this kind of bruise resolves within two to three weeks.

Restylane, Versa, and Voluma are all hyaluronic acid fillers and can be easily reversed or reduced with a simple injection of the enzyme Hyaluronidase. So any unexpected swelling can be easily remedied within the twenty four hours that it takes the enzyme to act.


During your free initial consultation, Dr. Rivkin will evaluate your unique needs and desired results. He will then explain the procedure and help you determine which type of filler will work best with your body and skin type to achieve the look you desire. You will have the opportunity to view before and after photos, so you will know exactly what to expect from the treatment. Dr. Rivkin’s patients know that they can get in touch with him at any time. He’s always in the office at Westside Aesthetics, and is personally involved in every treatment.

Visit Westside Aesthetics for some of the most beautiful results from Restylane, Versa, and Voluma clients love. To learn more about Dr. Rivkin’s Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty techniques that help treat dark circles under the eyes, or to schedule a consultation, contact us by phone or email today. Our friendly staff and expert practitioners will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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