With Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatments, you can attain more youthful and vibrant looking skin without the need for surgery. This safe and effective laser treatment will help transform your skin.


While age might bring with it wisdom and experience, when it comes to that state of your skin, it also entails a loss of elasticity, vibrancy and translucency. To restore the face of your youth while stalling and even preventing the seemingly inevitable effects of aging, Dr. Alexander Rivkin recommends a Clear + Brilliant laser treatment at Westside Aesthetics.

Unlike harsh chemical peels or a risky surgical procedure, the Clear + Brilliant is an easy, affordable way to rewind the hands of time.


This safe and effective laser treatment promotes younger, healthier-looking skin by eliminating damaged cells and spurring the growth of fresh, light-reflective cells. It also enlists state-of-the-art fractional laser technology to dramatically speed healing when compared to traditional laser treatments.

Dr. Rivkin is an expert in using skin-rejuvenating lasers and he can perform a single treatment of Clear + Brilliant in less than 20 minutes.



As the name implies, the Clear + Brilliant laser engenders a clearer, more brilliant complexion. Over the course of our daily lives, we are exposed to a slew of environmental factors that degrade collagen and elastin, slow cellular turnover and snuff out a bright, luminous skin tone. Clear + Brilliant can help reverse these effects, promoting a naturally lustrous, vibrant complexion so you look as refreshed as you feel.


Clear + Brilliant is a non-surgical, non-invasive laser treatment for men and women of all ages looking to maintain a more youthful appearance while addressing or preventing signs of premature aging.

While it can repair skin at any age or stage of damage, ideal candidates are individuals who are:

  • Just starting to show visible signs of aging like large pores, fine lines and unevenness
  • Looking to extend or restore their youthful vigor
  • Seeking to tone and improve the appearance of their skin naturally
  • Hoping to reduce the appearance of pores

Prior to treatment, Dr. Rivkin will consult with you one-on-one to create a tailored regimen specific to your needs. During this consultation, it is important to mention any previous cosmetic treatments or surgeries and if you have sensitive skin.


Before your treatment, please make Dr. Rivkin aware of any topical treatments you use that may sensitize your skin to light – particularly retinol/retinoids.


Necessitating just 20 minutes of time, this efficacious anti-aging treatment makes for an easy addition to your busy L.A schedule. Depending on your level of comfort, Dr. Rivkin may apply a numbing cream to improve your Clear + Brilliant experience.

In general, you will feel a slight warming sensation as the Clear + Brilliant fractional laser works on your skin. The treatment is delivered via a hand-piece and uses a patented laser tracking system to ensure smooth, uniform results.


Because it’s a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment, there is no downtime associated with Clear + Brilliant, so you can immediately return to work and/or your normal daily activities. There may be some redness post-treatment, and you may experience minor swelling for a few days.

These processes are completely normal and are indicative that the treatment is working and your body is churning out healthy cells. Most cosmetic products are safe to use after treatment and Dr. Rivkin will review anything that should be avoided.

Always use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. If you choose the Clear + Brilliant Permeá route, additional topical creams may be applied to your face post-treatment for maximum comfort and youthful restoration.


WHY CHOOSE DR. RIVKIN AND WESTSIDE AESTHETICS? Dr. Rivkin is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who specializes in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. He is nationally recognized in both the medical and scientific communities, and he spends his time developing innovative techniques that are taught to physicians across the country.

Trained at Yale University, active in the media, and located conveniently, Dr. Rivkin is equipped with both the skills and reputation you deserve for attaining that youthful look. To schedule a complementary consultation, call us today at (310) 443-5273 or contact us here.