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Non-Surgical Nose Job (NSNJ) Los Angeles, CA
This beautiful patient gained a straighter profile from a non-surgical nose job. Presile also added a bit of filler to her chin to complement her facial features.
This patient had 2 sessions of non-surgical nose job with DR. Rivkin, and is absolutely thrilled with her results. The tip of her nose is visibly elevated, and there is no bump on the bridge.
This patient came in for a non-surgical nose job and chin filler. Dr. Rivkin performed his famous tip lifting technique to correct the shape of his nose. After that, Presile reshaped his chin and injected Kybella into his submental area.
Bahareh used Juvederm Volux to enhance this patient's profile. As a result, the tip was elevated, the bump on the bridge disappeared, and her nostrils were slightly lowered.