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Droopy Tip Los Angeles, CA
This patient had a very pronounced bump on the bridge of his nose. Dr. Rivkin performed liquid rhinoplasty, significantly straightening his bridge.
The Non Surgical Nose Job allows us to make very precise changes to your nose, without the downtime and risks of surgery. This patient had a bump on the bridge of his nose, and his tip was drooping down from the profile and appeared flat from the front because it was lacking definition. Nurse Natalie was able to lift and define his tip, as well as camouflage the bump and give him a significantly straighter profile.
This patient wanted to camouflage his bump and lift his droopy tip. He wanted a straight nose on profile. Dr. Rivkin performed liquid rhinoplasty to lift the top of his bridge and tip, giving him a straight profile in 15 minutes, without the risk and downtime of surgery.
Sometimes, correcting droopiness can make the nose look smaller. This nose is a perfect example—see for yourself. Dr. Rivkin used hyaluronic acid filler to lift the tip and camouflage the bump, resulting in a straight profile. A straighter nose blends in to the rest of the face and looks smaller to the eye!
Not only was this patient's amazing result achieved with nose filler injections alone, but it is also permanent because Dr. Rivkin used Bellafill - a permanent filler.
In two sessions of liquid rhinoplasty, physician assistant Bahareh was able to elevate the tip of the patient's nose and bring down her retracted nostril rims. Her profile is now much more straight and elegant and her nostril spaces are much smaller. Interestingly, despite the change being very subtle, her entire face appears more feminine.
This patient underwent two sessions of liquid rhinoplasty and is very happy with her results. Dr. Rivkin performed his unique tip lifting technique on her and camouflaged the bump as well.
Physician assistant Bahareh used Juvederm Volux to enhance this patient's profile. As a result, the tip was elevated, the bump on the bridge disappeared, and her nostrils were slightly lowered.
This incredible transformation was achieved without any surgical intervention! Dr. Rivkin performed his signature non-surgical nose job to lift the tip of her nose, straighten the bridge and get rid of the dorsal hump.
This young man didn't like the tip of his nose. It drooped when he smiled and gave him a curved profile which made his nose look big. Dr. Rivkin made his nose look smaller by adding filler to very precise spots, lifting and supporting the tip and straightening the profile.
This patient's transformation is very subtle, but she loved her upturned tip so much that she switched to Bellafill, a permanent filler.
This patient had multiple nasal injuries but was not ready for the expense and downtime of surgical rhnioplasty. Instead, she opted for a liquid rhinoplasty to elevate the tip of her nose and make the nasal profile straight.
This patient's face looks very different after nurse practitioner Presile performed a liquid rhinoplasty to correct the droopiness of her nose and smooth the contours.
This patient wanted a straight nose on profile. Dr. Rivkin achieved that with non surgical rhinoplasty, elevating the tip of her nose as well as correcting the bump on the bridge. Her nose now looks smaller and more elegant.
This patient wanted a more elegant nose on profile. Dr. Rivkin corrected her droopy tip by performing his renowned non-surgical nose job - a no downtime, minimal risk office procedure.
This patient had suffered several nasal fractures, resulting in significant collapse to her tip. She did not want surgical rhinoplasty, so Dr. Rivkin performed a liquid nose job that lifted her tip as much as possible and camouflaged the bump. This made her nose much straighter, so it looked much smaller on profile because it blended better with the rest of her face.
Dr. Rivkin used Bellafill to lift this patient's tip and give her a straighter profile. Because Bellafill is a permanent filler, her results will last for many years.
This patient is another example of someone who would ideally be a better candidate for surgical rhinoplasty, but did not want to go under the knife. She just wanted as much improvement as possible with a non surgical nose job. Dr. Rivkin was able to lift her tip and significantly straighten her profile in 15 minutes with fillers.
This patient wanted a more feminine nose, and to achieve that for her, Dr. Rivkin used his unique liquid rhinoplasty technique. He placed dermal filler strategically to elevate the tip of her nose. It has dramatically changed not only her nose but her entire face.
This patient wanted to achieve straight nose and specifically get rid of the rounded tip. Her transformation is very subtle, but she was very happy with her new, elegant nose.
Look at this patient's transformation that we were able to achieve without surgical rhinoplasty! Liquid rhinoplasty is the perfect treatment to correct a droopy tip and enhance the overall shape of the nose.
By elevating this patient's nose, Dr. Rivkin was able to make her profile straight and proportional.
This patient was specifically interested in elevating the tip of her nose, and that's exactly what she got.
This patient wanted the bump to be less pronounced, but she didn't want to completely get rid of it. Dr. Rivkin was able to elevate the tip of her nose as well as slightly camouflage the bump. Her profile is straighter than it used to be, but her ethnicity is preserved.
This 20-year-old patient wished to get rid of her bump and elevate the tip of her nose slightly without making it heavier or rounder. After her first appointment, the patient absolutely loved the results and decided to switch to a longer-lasting hyaluronic acid filler.
The patient was bothered by a droopy tip, and Dr. Rivkin resolved it by strategically injecting dermal filler into her nose. Interestingly, the correction of the tip magically alters the shape of the entire nose, don't you agree?
Physician assistant Bahareh enhanced this patient's profile by correcting the droopiness of his nasal tip.
This patient's profile is harmonious and balanced now thanks to nurse practitioner Bahareh who performed her liquid rhinoplasty.
This 27-year-old patient's remarkable transformation was achieved without surgical intervention! Dr. Rivkin used Restylane Lift - a Hyaluronic-based filler - to camouflage the bump on her nose. Her face looks totally different, and our patient is very thrilled with her results.
This patient’s droopy nasal tip was elevated solely with Restylane Lyft filler injections. The visible transformation is most noticeable in the profile photo, but the tip projection also appears different from the front view.
In the before image on the left, the patient's profile displays a prominent bump on the bridge of the nose and a slightly drooping tip. The after image on the right showcases a much smoother nasal bridge and a more refined, elevated tip. The transformation achieved through the use of fillers is subtle yet impactful, resulting in a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing profile.
Dr. Rivkin successfully uplifted this Hispanic nose tip using nose filler injections.
This patient's tip was uplifted for a more harmonious look. The adjustment is very subtle, yet visible and transformative.
This patient's droopy nasal tip used to accentuate the curvature of their nose, making it appear hooked. Correcting the droopy nasal tip has helped reduce the beaky appearance and improved facial harmony.
Liquid rhinoplasty subtly lifted the previously drooping nasal tip, resulting in a more refined and balanced appearance that enhances the overall harmony of the patient's facial features.
Although the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure involves only reshaping with filler placement, it effectively made this patient's nose appear smaller and more refined.
This image highlights the impressive results of a non-surgical nose job performed at Rivkin Westside Aesthetics. The after state reveals a smoother and more proportionate nasal bridge with a refined tip.
This is another example of a complete profile transformation. Dr. Rivkin utilized his expertise to reshape a droopy tip and straighten the bridge using precise filler injections.
Liquid rhinoplasty effectively reshaped her droopy nasal tip and straightened the bridge, enhancing the overall profile with precise filler injections. The before-and-after comparison highlights the significant improvement in nasal contour and symmetry.
The new nose makes her look like a different person, do you agree?
The patient's nasal tip was successfully elevated with filler injections. Additionally, she received filler in her chin to improve its projection. The combination of chin filler and a non-surgical nose job created a dramatic transformation.
The non-surgical nose job procedure successfully refined the shape of this patient's nose without the need for surgery, as seen in the noticeable improvement in the photo on the right.
This patient's droopy tip was corrected with nose filler injections and nothing else! This procedure demonstrates the power of non-surgical techniques to achieve noticeable and natural-looking improvements without the need for surgery.
Even extreme droopiness can be corrected with nose filler injections. This patient's tip was successfully uplifted, and the bridge was visibly elevated.
Uplifted and no longer droopy—how do you like her photo right after her liquid rhinoplasty procedure?
This transformation may be subtle, but as you can see, the correction of even slight droopiness provides a nice change.
This hooked nose was skillfully corrected with nose filler injections. Such cases are challenging because too much filler can make the nose look bulky and worse overall. But nothing is impossible for an experienced injector like Dr. Rivkin!
Liquid rhinoplasty lifted this patient's nasal tip improving her side profile, making the nose look more aesthetically pleasing from all angles.
This photo showcases a significant transformation in the patient's nose achieved through a non-surgical nose job at Westside Aesthetics. The "after" state reveals a smoother, straighter nasal bridge with a refined, lifted tip, creating a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing facial profile compared to the "before" state.
The elevation of this patient's nasal tip has significantly improved overall facial balance.
This patient's profile has been miraculously straightened after a liquid rhinoplasty treatment. It's almost unbelievable that such a dramatic difference is achievable without major surgical intervention.
This is another example of a female droopy tip transformation that has completely changed our patient's profile. Her nose looks visibly smaller and better suits her face.
This patient's droopiness has been successfully corrected with nose filler injections performed by Dr. Rivkin at Westside Aesthetics.
Correcting this patient's tip with nose filler injections made her face appear more youthful and vibrant.
This Hispanic nose transformation is a great example of ethnic rhinoplasty. Dr. Rivkin successfully corrected the droopiness while preserving the unique characteristics of the ethnic nose.
The droopy tip makes the nose look bigger. However, liquid rhinoplasty can improve the shape of the nose by providing subtle yet effective contouring. This procedure refines the overall appearance, giving the illusion of a smaller, more proportionate nose.
The droopy tip makes the nose look bigger. However, liquid rhinoplasty can improve the shape of the nose by providing subtle yet effective contouring. This procedure refines the overall appearance, giving the illusion of a smaller, more proportionate nose.
This patient's droopy tip was corrected by balancing the bridge with filler injections.
Even the extreme droopiness can be corrected with nose filler injections, like in the example above. An experienced injector like Dr. Rivkin can correct the droopiness without making the bridge too big for the face.

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