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Reasons to Consider Non-Surgical Lip Enhancement Los Angeles, CA
Lip Fillers

Have you lost your luscious lips as you’ve gotten older? Perhaps you were born with flat or unattractive lips? You may be a candidate for lip enhancement using filler injections. This is an ideal procedure for those who want to avoid lip augmentation surgery and gain instantly full lips without downtime. While men can take advantage of lip enhancement, this is a highly sought-after procedure for females due to the drastic gain in sensuality that is associated with fuller and softer lips.

Here are some leading reasons why non-surgical lip enhancement may be right for you:

Look Younger

Collagen in our skin natural diminishes as we age, and this includes our lips. Thinning lips is a common aging concern for many females. Fortunately, hyaluronic acid fillers, like Juvederm, can restore more youthful fullness to your lips or even add the volume you’ve always wanted.

Feel More Feminine and Sensual

There is a reason that women use lipstick and lip gloss. This facial feature is critical to a woman’s attractive appearance and sensuality. Full, moisturized and soft lips can make ladies feel more feminine, sexy and confident.

Reverse Bad Lip Habits

There are certain habits that can sabotage good lips over time, including sun damage, poor skin care, dehydration and frequent lip pursing (while thinking, sipping coffee or smoking). If you’ve subjected your lips to these habits and conditions for many years, you may find that you have lip lines, which can be reversed with lip filler injections!

Create Ideal Proportion and Shape

Attractive lips are defined with a certain volume proportion of the upper and lower lips, and this can differ between cultures or ethnicities. Ideal lips should also have a well-defined borders, a noticeably curved cupid’s bow and slightly fuller center. These are specific features and details that a skilled injector can create with the strategic use of lip fillers.

To learn more about enhancing your lip appearance with fillers, call RIVKIN Aesthetics. We offer HA-based fillers to plump and contour the lips based on your specific needs and goals. Although lip fillers are not permanent, they are considered a safe and highly effective way to gain soft, supple and kissable lips in minutes. Schedule your consult in Los Angeles today.

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