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PMMA-collagen Gel in Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Defects: A Methodological Overview Based on a Career of Experience Los Angeles, CA
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Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty has revolutionized aesthetic medicine over the past decade, offering a versatile and less invasive option for individuals seeking nasal improvements. Dr. Alexander Rivkin, a world leader in Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty techniques at Westside Aesthetics, has pioneered the use of PMMA-collagen gel to achieve long-lasting and natural results. This article provides an overview of Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty and the innovative use of PMMA-collagen gel, drawing on Dr. Rivkin’s extensive experience and success in this field.

The Versatility of Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty is employed to address a variety of nasal imperfections, including:

  • Camouflaging a dorsal hump
  • Enhancing tip definition, projection, or rotation
  • Correcting deformities of the nasal side wall
  • Augmenting dorsal deficiency
  • Addressing a deep radix
  • Lengthening the nose
  • Modifying the nasolabial angle
  • Correcting contour irregularities following surgical rhinoplasty

These capabilities make Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty a preferred choice for those seeking aesthetic improvements without undergoing invasive surgery.

Achieving Optimal Results with Minimal Risks

The primary goal of Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty is to achieve optimal, lasting results while minimizing risks. The nose is a particularly hazardous area for filler injections due to its complex vascular structure and limited dermal blood supply, which increases the risk of serious complications such as tissue necrosis and blindness. Therefore, Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty should only be performed by highly skilled injectors with a detailed understanding of facial anatomy.

Filler Selection in Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

The choice of filler is critical in Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty, with commonly used fillers including hyaluronic acid (HA), calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)-collagen gel. Each filler has distinct characteristics that influence its suitability for specific nasal defects:

  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA): Temporary (lasting 6-18 months), easily moldable, and reversible, but with minimal collagen-stimulating effects.
  • Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA): Lasts 8-12 months, is biostimulatory with higher viscosity, and cannot be reversed.
  • Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)-collagen Gel: Offers a permanent solution by gradually shaping the nose over several sessions through collagen stimulation. While it provides long-term aesthetic enhancement, it may require touch-ups due to natural aging rather than filler degradation. Given its irreversible nature, PMMA-collagen gel should only be used by highly skilled nasal injectors.

The Benefits of PMMA-collagen Gel

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty offers a non-invasive alternative to surgical rhinoplasty for patients seeking to correct mild-to-moderate nasal defects without the associated risks, recovery time, or cost of surgery. PMMA-collagen gel stands out as a preferred choice for long-lasting results due to its durability and safety. It requires a highly experienced injector and careful patient selection to ensure optimal outcomes.

Dr. Rivkin’s Expertise and Methodology

Drawing on over 15 years of experience and the treatment of over 1,000 patients, Dr. Rivkin provides the first published guidelines on Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty using PMMA-collagen gel. His methodology emphasizes the importance of detailed anatomical knowledge, precise injection techniques, and patient-specific treatment plans. Long-term follow-up images from Dr. Rivkin’s practice illustrate the effectiveness of PMMA-collagen gel, showcasing natural-looking and durable results.


Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty, particularly with the use of PMMA-collagen gel, represents a significant advancement in aesthetic medicine. Dr. Alexander Rivkin’s expertise and innovative approach have set new standards for achieving lasting, natural results in nasal aesthetics. As Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty continues to evolve, it offers a promising future for patients seeking safe and effective alternatives to surgical rhinoplasty.

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