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Plagued with Circles and Bags Under Your Eyes? Los Angeles, CA
Michelle Borth

We’ve all heard the famous quote, “the eyes are the window to the soul.” Whether it is a stranger or a close friend, when you make eye contact with someone, you will make assumptions about that person within seconds. Unfortunately, your eyes don’t always tell a true story. Many adults suffer from bags and dark circles under their eyes, which can make them look sad, tired and older than they really are.

When You’re Well-Rested and Eye Bags Continue

While a lack of sleep, too much screen time and malnutrition can certainly cause puffiness and darkness under the eyes, these aesthetic concerns can also be a result of other, less avoidable, factors. These include the natural aging process, a decrease in collagen, genetics and misplaced fat and more.

Why Eye Bags?

Eye bags refer to the bulges or swelling that occurs just below the lower eyelids. This can develop with age as the fat pads around the eyeballs begin to protrude. Both men and women alike can experience the appearance of these ‘eye bags,’ and they don’t always go away with topical creams or more rest.

What Causes the Dark Circles?

What may look like dark circles under your eyes may actually be shadowing. In many cases, puffy eyelids or hollows under your eyes case a shadow that becomes more prominent as we age. Dark circles may also be caused by a loss of pigmentation (melanin) or even dehydration, which causes the skin to look dull and depleted. Lifestyle factors can also contribute or make dark circles worse, such as stress, excessive alcohol use and smoking.

Eye Rejuvenation Without Surgery

You’ll be glad to know that if you have under-eye bags and dark circles caused by aging, there are effective, non-surgical treatments to rejuvenate your eyes. Injectable fillers are used to add volume to the hollows around the eyelids, conceal puffiness and create a smoother eyelid/cheek junction. Though the results are temporary, dark circle correction with facial fillers is a highly effective solution that can drastically turn back the hands of time and make you look more alert and energetic. This is a welcome advantage for adults who are still at the peak of their career and need to give off a strong first impression.

To learn more about this non-invasive “liquid eye lift” technique, please call RIVKIN Aesthetics today.

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