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Correct Your Weak Chin Without Surgery Los Angeles, CA
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While it may not seem like an important facial feature, the appearance of the chin can have a profound impact on your overall beauty. The chin should be in proper proportion and balance with the rest of the face. A chin that is understated or “weak” can cause the nose to look large as well as give the upper lip a protruding appearance. The skin underneath a weak chin often slopes downwards to the neck without an attractive contour. It is not uncommon for patients to claim a “weak jawline” when it is really a soft or receding chin.

At RIVKIN Aesthetics, we have a keen understanding of what makes a face beautiful and attractive. Our office is fully equipped to provide non-surgical weak chin treatment using the latest and most effective dermal fillers.

What is a weak chin?
A weak chin is also known as an under-projected chin. This refers to a chin that is not projecting forwards enough to be in balance and harmony with the rest of the facial features (nose, forehead, lips). When any facial feature is out of proportion, it can distract and distort from your attractiveness.

What causes a weak chin?
Most people who have a weak chin were born with it or they inherited this facial trait. However, an under-projected chin can also be caused by a traumatic injury or accident that involved jaw damage.

Do you have a weak chin?
It’s not always easy to recognize a weak chin. The beauty of your face involves the overall harmony of three-dimensional facial features. Therefore, an accurate depiction of what is out of proportion may require you to look at your profile. If your chin is not projecting very far or not at all, you may benefit from chin filler.

How can a weak chin be treated without surgery?
Chin augmentation, or mentoplasty, is a popular procedure for patients who want to permanently alter the look of their chin. However, just like other plastic surgery procedures, chin augmentation involves a notable cost, recovery time, scarring and overall surgical risk. To avoid these setbacks, you may choose a non-surgical approach to regain a more full and attractive chin.

When strategically injected into the chin, dermal fillers such as Radiesse and Voluma can give you the same results in weak chin correction – but without the need for chin surgery. We can instantly add volume to this facial feature in a way that naturally balances it out with the rest of the face.

Using filler injections for a weak chin can do the following:

  • Create a more defined chin and jawline
  • Achieve a more balanced face
  • Get a more masculine chin and jawline for men
  • Help make your nose appear smaller
  • Give your lips more attractive proportion
  • Improve jawline definition
  • Reduce appearance of jowls

Ready to learn if you are a candidate for non-surgical weak chin treatment? Call RIVKIN Aesthetics in Beverly Hills today.

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