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A Nose Job Without Surgery Los Angeles, CA
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Considering its central position on the face, it is no surprise that the nose is one of the most scrutinized facial features. Do you like your nose? It doesn’t take a large imperfection to become self-conscious about your nose. In fact, some of the most minor deformities can cause great concern – and you may not need nose surgery to fix it.

For those who want to improve their nasal appearance but are unwilling or unable to undergo a surgical rhinoplasty, you’ll be relieved to know you have other options. The strategic use of non-surgical filler injections can alter the shape and size of your nose and create better balance and symmetry for your face. Is a liquid rhinoplasty right for you?

A Non-Surgical, No-Commitment Rhinoplasty

Dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are commonly used in a liquid nose job. They can provide instant improvement in reducing nasal bumps and indentations as well as correcting areas of asymmetry. Nose augmentation injections are quick, do not require anesthesia and often leave little to no bruising. A liquid nose job is temporary and reversible, which means it is the perfect chance to change the appearance of your nose without the permanent results of plastic surgery. In other words, patients can “try out” their nose job.

A Permanent Rhinoplasty Without Surgery

If you love your non-surgical nose job results with fillers, yet you are still unwilling to go under the knife for a surgical rhinoplasty, Rivkin Aesthetics has a solution for you. We offer a

permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure performed with Bellafill nose reshaping injections, a lasting filler product that is made with bovine collagen and PMMA microspheres.

This permanent non-surgical nose job does require multiple appointments over a few months, but there is no downtime or recovery involved. You can enjoy lasting results without the risks of plastic surgery.

To find out if you are a candidate for a non-surgical nose job at our Los Angeles clinic, please call us to schedule your consultation. We understand the value of providing the results of plastic surgery without going under the knife.

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